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In this video clip, Dean Fixsen offers an applied definition of implementation science in the human services field. (2 min. 28 sec.)
In this video clip, Dean Fixsen uses NAEP student data to illustrate how outcome measures can remain constant for decades regardless of dollar investment. (7 min. 34 sec.)
In this clip, Dean Fixsen introduces the Implementation Drivers and talks about their importance in assuring fidelity and outcomes. (1 min. 53 sec.)
In this video clip, Dean Fixsen talks briefly about the relationship of implementation science to innovation science, improvement science and complexity theory. (2 min. 22 sec.)
Coaching is regular, embedded professional development designed to help staff use a new program or practice. In this short lesson we’ll provide an overview of Coaching, and then give you an opportunity to apply the concepts presented.
As you are working on building coaching in your team or organization, read the following article. Then, as an individual or with your team, respond to the questions.
A Decision Support Data System (DSDS) is a system for identifying, collecting, and analyzing data that are useful to the staff and leadership of the implementing agencies. The data system needs to provide timely, accurate, and reliable data for decision-making.
The ImpleMap interview process assists implementation specialists in collecting information to inform active implementation planning and development in the organization.
How can a State Education Agency (SEA) actively promote and support organizational and systems change? The answer may lie in a logic model informed by implementation science and characterized by multi‐level supports that interact.
To be effective, useful to the work of the organization and include all appropriate levels, communication must be strategically planned and consciously monitored. This lesson introduces you to a tool for creating a strategic plan for communication in your organization.
Coaching not only expands the knowledge and skills taught in training, but also builds competence and confidence in delivering the innovation.
This template provides the basis for developing a Coaching Service Delivery Plan. The Coaching Service Delivery Plan is a proactive approach to purposeful and supportive coaching.
Selection refers to the purposeful process of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring ‘with the end in mind’. This lesson will introduce you to the Selection Driver, review best practices for Selection, and provide an opportunity to apply these concepts.
This one-pager provides a quick review of Implementation Drivers, as well an overview of the Selection Driver... including best practices and interview tips.
The Fidelity Driver is key to effective implementation. In this lesson you will learn how to inventory your system for existing fidelity data & begin using fidelity data as a system diagnostic tool.
Implementation Teams employ improvement cycles in order to intentionally identify problems and solutions. Underlying the different types of improvement cycles described in this active implementation framework is the Plan, Do, Study, Act Cycle or PDSA Cycle.
A one-page action plan template for planning actions to follow the administration of the District Capacity Assessment.
This set of questions can be used to prompt discussion of the District Capacity Assessment results with the District Implementation Team and leadership.
This handout contains a list of data sources than be gathered prior to DCA administration to inform scoring.
A one-page overview of the technology requirements for the District Capacity Assessment.