The National Implementation Research Network uses the science and practice of implementation to help solve real world problems.

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New NIRN Learning Module on the Active Implementation Hub

In conjunction with the SISEP Center, the National Implementation Research Network has developed the first learning module for Implementation Support Practitioners.  

Utilizing the Implementation Support Practitioners Core Competencies, the Cultivating Leadership learning module provides Implementation Support Practitioners with the opportunity to practice their skills with sustaining change.  As part of the learning module, the newly designed Engagement Tool: Champion Identification and Reflection guides Implementation Support Practitioners through the four-step process of identifying champions and reflecting on them to cultivate their skills.

Implementation Support Practitioner Resources - Cultivating Leadership

Engagement Tool:  Champion Identification and Reflection

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We partner with government, philanthropic and non-profit entities to support the development and use of evidence to improve outcomes for children, families and communities.

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