Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Data, Analysis, and Research Partner for K-12 North Star Strategy: Charter Management Organizations

This project will support the Foundation in gathering and analyzing implementation and outcomes data for students with disabilities (SWD) served by charter management organization (CMO) grantees and their schools. The project involves developing a measurement and data sourcing plan, collecting data from CMOs and schools, preparing reports and dashboards for monitoring and providing feedback on key measures, technical assistance to support consistent and appropriate measurement of outcomes and enabling conditions, and an implementation and outcomes study. RTI International is the prime grantee. 
Overall, NIRN will provide input on measures and tools used to gauge measurement and reporting capacity of CMOs and their schools; help design, develop, and deliver TA and associated materials and events to support CMO capacity to provide data; and help design implementation and outcomes studies.

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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