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Systems, activities, and resources that are necessary for an organization or agency to successfully adopt and sustain evidence-based practices or programs.


 "A champion is an implementation-related role occupied by people who (1) are internal to an organization; (2) generally have an intrinsic interest and commitment to implementing a change; (3) work diligently and relentlessly to drive implementation forward, even if those efforts receive no formal recognition or compensation; (4) are enthusiastic, dynamic, energetic, personable, and persistent; and (5) have the strength of conviction. (Miech, 2018)


Coaching is defined as regular, job-embedded professional learning designed to help teachers and staff use an evidence-based practice or program as intended.

Coaching Service Delivery Plan

A written plan detailing the coaching concept, frequency of coaching observations, methods of support, and routines and methods (e.g., written, verbal) for providing feedback in a safe environment. 

Communication Protocol

 A written document outlining the frequency, type, format, and content parameters of communication with stakeholders and between teams.


 An implementation team member assuming a lead role in preparing for and facilitating implementation team meetings, agenda topics, and monitoring completion of assigned actions.