An Instrument for Screening Programs and Practices for Adoption

An Instrument for Screening New Practices for Adoption

Developed by Judy Smith-Davis, Ph.D.

This instrument was developed by Judy Smith-Davis for the OSEP-funded Dissemin/Action Project during the 1980s and has been updated since then.  It is derived from the classic R&D literature on the dissemination, diffusion, adoption, and implementation of innovations in education and related disciplines.  The instrument (with variations of an accompanying article) have been published over the years by the California School Boards Journal, the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, the Alliance Project at Vanderbilt University, the IDEA Partnership at NASDSE, and others.

The instrument remains valid as (a) a set of criteria that potential adopters should examine when considering a new model, practice, or product and as (b) a guide for developers in providing information on essential adoption issues that make successful implementation possible.

The complete instrument with an introduction may be downloaded.

[Download full Instrument document and introduction]

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