Usable Innovation and Training

Best practices for training include providing information about history, theory, philosophy, and rationales for innovation components.  This information is conveyed through pre-reading, lecture and discussion formats geared to knowledge acquisition and understanding.  Skills and abilities related to carrying out the innovation components and practices are demonstrated (live or on tape) then followed by behavior rehearsal to practice the skills and receive feedback on the practice (Blase et al., 1984; Joyce & Showers, 2002; Kealey, Peterson, Gaul, & Dinh, 2000). 

Usable Innovation Criteria

  1. Clear description of the program
  2. Clear description of the essential functions that define the program
  3. Operational definitions of the essential functions
  4. A practical assessment of the performance of practitioners who are using the program

The content of training is based on the Usable Innovation criteria.  Innovations that meet those criteria are described in sufficient detail to provide the content for the training best practices.

New educators continuously enter the system, providing many opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of staff training.  Effective training that is focused on the essential components of an innovation is a key step toward the full and effective (high fidelity) use of an innovation.