Module 6 Summary

What we have outlined in this Module is the Active Implementation Formula

  • Teachers and staff employ Usable Innovations when they interact with students.
  • Teachers are supported by Implementation Teams that make skilled use of implementation drivers and improvement cycles in their daily work. 
  • Education leaders and Implementation Team members use information about fidelity and information about outcomes to improve the innovation and improve the implementation supports for teachers.
  • Action plans based on monthly and quarterly summaries of fidelity data and student outcome data create the foundation for a virtuous circle that feeds on itself. 

Active Implementation Formula

Innovations are teachable, learnable, doable, and can be assessed in classrooms and schools to produce good outcomes for students.

The usable innovation criteria used to determine what to support in districts are:

  • Clear description of the innovation
  • Clear essential functions that define the innovation
  • Operational definitions of essential functions (practice profiles; do, say)
  • Evidence of effectiveness; Practical performance assessment