Topic 8: Stages of Implementation Analysis: Where Are We? Planning Tool

Purpose of Tool

The Stages of Implementation Analysis planning tool will help the Implementation Team plan for and/or assess the use of stage-based activities to improve the success of implementation efforts for EBPs or evidence-informed innovations.

The tool can be used to Self-Assess current stage related activities (e.g., “We are in the midst of Exploration”) or past efforts related to a stage (e.g., “We just completed most of Installation?  “How did we do?”  “What did we miss?”).

Download Planning Tool

For effective use of this tool follow these steps:

  • Define the desired function of the tool in advance
    (e.g., Assess current status? Action planning?)
  • For self-assessment, Implementation Lead or Implementation Team completes entire assessment to achieve “strength of stage” score for each stage of implementation
  • For Items marked “Initiated or Partially in Place” and “Not Yet Initiated,” Team develops Action Plans to outline next steps or determine what needs to be revisited
  • This segment of the Tool is related to the Exploration Stage, but the full tool has items relevant to each stage and can be used throughout all stages to check back or when implementation dips occur
    (e.g., change in leadership, staff turnover, etc.).  
  • The Implementation Team also should feel comfortable adding stage-related items that are specific to the innovation and process in their program, site, community or state. 


See the sample below from the “Exploration Stage” section of the tool.