Key Takeaways

  • The 4 Implementation Stages are Exploration, Installation, Initial Implementation, and Full Implementation and each have functions specific to the Stage.
  • The Rationale for Stage-Based Implementation:
    Starting with an awareness that implementation occurs in stages allows for intentional planning for the change process.
  • When we pay attention to Implementation Stages we can:
    • Match our activities to that stage and increase the likelihood of moving successfully through the stage and on to the next stage
    • Prepare for the activities and challenges that we will face in the next stage
    • Increase the likelihood of sustained implementation of evidence-based practices
  • Tools used during Stage-Based Implementation include (click to view/download):


Capstone Activity 4.7a
Implementation Stages Elevator Speech

After reviewing Module 4: Implementation Stages, create a 3-minute elevator speech for site leadership, explaining the importance of purposefully moving through Implementation Stages.

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