Module 3: Implementation Teams

Welcome to the Active Implementation Hub. In this module, you will learn about Implementation Teams.

Learning Objectives

After this module, you should be able to:

  • Name the “what” (functions) and “who” (composition) of Implementation Teams 
  • Understand how Implementation Teams support adoption, scaling, and sustainability through a linked infrastructure 
  • Assess current teaming structures to determine if a new team should be developed or if an existing team can be re-purposed 
  • Locate tools and resources to facilitate identification of selection criteria to guide the development of Implementation Teams 
  • Identify how to support and sustain effective Implementation Teams 
  • Create a model Implementation Team 


  • BIT — Building Implementation Team 
  • BLT – Building Leadership Team 
  • DIT — District Implementation Team 
  • DMT — District Management Team 
  • RIT — Regional Implementation Team 
  • SIT — State Implementation Team 
  • SMT — State Management Team 
  • EBP — Evidence-Based Name the “what” (functions) and “who” (composition) of Implementation Teams 
  • EI — Effective Innovation 
  • FTE — Full-Time Equivalence