Hearts, Minds, and Implementation Drivers

We have shared a lot of information that can take time to digest and reflect upon. As you think about your past work, you can probably now recognize why some of those hard won successes occurred. Likewise, you might recognize what you might have done to improve your school or district’s track record in using best practices effectively. You may also experience feelings of grief, loss, disappointment and/or disloyalty. These thoughts and feelings are all legitimate. We frequently hear similar reactions as people acquire this new knowledge related to effective implementation. (e.g., “Why didn’t you have this available for me before now?”; “Look at all the time and resources we wasted!"; “This is just too difficult, but now we know better so I guess that means we can do better, but it’s not easy is it?”).

The bottom line is, when you begin to think about letting go of entrenched ways of work, where the implementation math is not adding up for students, families and communities, you are leading yourself and your organization toward Active Implementation and improved outcomes.