Module 2: Implementation Drivers

Welcome to the Active Implementation Hub. This module provides an overview of the Implementation Drivers, one of the Active Implementation Frameworks.

Learning Objectives

After this module, you should be able to:

  • Identify the 3 types of Implementation Drivers and their components
  • Understand the key functions of Implementation Drivers
  • Describe how Implementation Drivers are integrated and compensatory


  • Programs
    For this module we refer to evidenced-based programs or practices as “programs”
  • Innovations
    For this module we refer to evidence-informed innovations as “innovations”

Module Content Structure

This module's content is structured via three categories. The three categories of information are highlighted when relevant.

  • Definitions – content that provides a description of the meaning of an Implementation Science concept.
  • Key functions – content that provides an overview of the specific components and actions related to the Implementation Science concept. In this presentation we will be discussing the key functions related to Implementation Drivers and examples of their use in education.
  • Rationales – content that provides a reason for doing something. They often answer or provide context to “why” questions.