Framework 1: Usable Innovations

Innovations (i.e., evidence-based programs or practices) need to be teachable, learnable, doable and readily assessed in practice.

Before implementing an evidence-based practice, it is vital to have a clear understanding of the program and its suitability for your agency or organization. It is necessary to have sufficient detail about the evidence-based practice so that you can train staff and administrators to use it competently; measure the use of the practice with fidelity or integrity; and replicate it across all of your implementing sites such as classrooms, schools, and districts (Fixsen et al., 2013; Metz, 2016). The following criteria need to be in place to ensure that your evidence-based practice is usable:

  • Clear description of the program
  • Clear program components that define the program
  • Operational definitions of program components
  • Practical fidelity assessment

SISEP Video Series: Evidence-Based Practices

The 6-minute video provides an example utilizing Active Student Responding as an evidence-based practice. Follow along as a school team explores how to operationalize ASR in their classrooms.