Framework 3: Implementation Drivers

The next Active Implementation Framework we would like to discuss is Implementation Drivers.  Implementation Drivers facilitate and ensure the success of initiatives.  They are based on common features that exist among many successfully implemented programs and practices.

The structural components and activities that make up each Implementation Driver are the core components needed to initiate, support, and sustain classroom, building, and district-level change. It is imperative that each driver is developed using the strengths of the community and attends to the necessary actions to advance equitable outcomes for all students and families. 

There are two types of Implementation Drivers:

  • Competency Drivers
  • Organization Drivers

Implementation Drivers Triangle.  Left angle (selection, training, coaching) Right angle (Systems intervention, Admin facilitation, data systems) base (leadership) top (fidelity)

It is important to note that leadership is foundational to Implementation Drivers and implementation work in general. Leadership is needed at all levels of the system to not only keep work moving forward by managing change, but also support teams and practitioners in removing barriers to implementation. 

SISEP Video Series: Implementation Drivers

Learn more about Implementation Drivers through the work of the Billingsworth School District Implementation Team as they implement literacy evidence-based practices.

When integrated and used collectively, these drivers ensure high-fidelity and sustainable program implementation. Let’s briefly look at each driver.

Handout 12
Implementation Drivers overview

Implementation Drivers are the key components of capacity that enable the success of innovations in practice. Implementation Drivers assure the development of relevant competencies, necessary organization supports, and engaged leadership.

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