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Amanda Fixsen
The purpose of this annotated bibliography is to review a selection of articles that use the term 'scaling up' and present a taxonomy of scale up, outline a process for scaling up, or incorporate a discussion of complexity. Complexity or complexity theory offers innovative and useful ways of thinking about scaling up in organizations and systems. Some complexity concepts to consider include non-linearity, self-organized criticality, and adaptive cycles (Anderson, 1995).
Iheoma Iruka, Mary Mount-Cors, Samuel Odom, Sandra Naoom, Melissa Van Dyke
C. Russell, Caryn Ward, A. Harms, K. St. Martin, Dale Cusamano, R. Levy, C. LeVesseur
Kathleen Ryan-Jackson, Erin Chaparro
Allison Metz, Tamara Halle, Rachel Anderson, Alison Chrisler, Laura Rothenberg
Karen Blase, Melissa Van Dyke, Dean Fixsen
Karen Blase, Dean Fixsen
This report summarizes the key discussion points and outcomes from a meeting of 25 experts in the area of children's mental health and cultural competency, convened by the National Implementation Research Network March 2003, in Tampa Florida. During the course of the two-day meeting, diverse perspectives were solicited on the role of cultural competency in implementation of evidence-based programs. This working paper summarizes the resulting commentary on implementation phases of evidence-based programs, including the exploration stage, site selection process, installation stage, initial and advanced implementation stages, and the sustainability stage. The document concludes with Initial work on a Consensus Statement on Evidence-based Programs and Cultural Competence. This two-day meeting, was facilitated by Dean Fixsen and Karen Blase, NIRN Co-Directors.
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