Capacity Building Highlights

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The National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) is committed to building the capacity of other.  We assist organizations, policy-makers, funders, and intermediaries in leveraging implementation science to improve outcomes in human services.  NIRN is actively partnering with a variety of groups to build their capacity to use the Active Implementation Frameworks.  In turn, these groups build the capacity of the groups they support.  Here are three highlights of current work focused on capacity building.

Allison MetzHealthy Places North Carolina

Allison Metz
NIRN has partnered with the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust to support the implementation of the Healthy Places North Carolina Initiative (HPNC). The initiative seeks to improve health in select North Carolina counties.  NIRN supports the Trust by operationalizing the innovative role Trust program officers are expected to perform in HPNC counties, as well as supporting program officers in fulfilling those expectations. NIRN capacity building work includes: facilitating learning collaborative, conducting practice model usability testing and rapid-cycle case analysis, as well as one-on-one coaching with program officers.

Thrive By Five

Sandra Naoom and Allison Metz
NIRN has partnered with Thrive by Five Washington (Thrive) to build the capacity of the Thrive Implementation HUB. HUB staff integrate principles and frameworks of implementation science into their ongoing technical assistance and strategic support of evidence-based home visiting models to achieve better outcomes for children and families across Washington State.  NIRN supports the HUB staff in the development of both general and implementation specific competencies through a blend of online learning, flipped classroom techniques, and intensive on-site coaching and modeling.

North Carolina Early Learning Challenge

Melissa Van Dyke
NIRN has partnered with the State of North Carolina to support the implementation of the Early Learning Challenge Transformation Zone.   The initiative seeks to improve early childhood outcomes in select North Carolina counties.  NIRN has supported the development of State and Local Implementation Teams to become the guiding force for effective implementation and early childhood system building.   NIRN supports the development of state and local capacity through: actively teaching the science and practice of implementation;, through process facilitation to guide stage matched implementation;, through analysis of each early childhood intervention and the necessary infrastructure to support the intervention’s effective use;, through intentional learning and improvement processes;, and, through one-on-one coaching with State Implementation Specialists.