AI Lessons and Short Courses

AI Short Courses

AI Short Courses are interactive online short courses. Each course includes content, practice, and assessment components and lasts between 30 minutes to one hour. 

For additional lessons focused on the work of an Implementation Support Practitioner visit: Implementation Support Practitioner Resources

  • Cultivating Leadership
  • Building Teams
  • Co-Learning
  • Grow & Sustain Relationships
  • Understanding Context

Capacity Assessment Administration Course

Capacity assessments can help organizations identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in their current implementation supports and resources. This course provides an overview of different capacity assessments, such as the Drivers Best Practices Assessment and the District Capacity Assessment, and instructions on the administration process. In addition, you will have opportunities to practice the administration process. After completing the course, you will have knowledge and skills to administer a capacity assessment and support the use of results for action planning and improvements. To gain access to the online NIRN-SISEP Data System for ease of data collection and reporting, it is recommended that participants first complete this course.



AI Lessons

AI Hub Lessons will get you and your team started using implementation tools and practices, so that you can build implementation skills and capacity. These resources can be used for self-paced learning or professional development in a team setting.

Implementation Quick Start

This 5-minute presentation provides a quick overview of Implementation Science and the National Implementation Research Network's Active Implementation Frameworks.

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Review Module 1: An Overview of Active Implementation

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Active Implementation Hub Modules

Begin Using Our Planning Tools and Resources

Interactive Coaching Series

Take part in an interactive session that highlights a research driven approach to coaching. The series begins with an overview lesson that will be supported by additional lessons that address more specific content, skill areas, and practice in the future.

Coaching Overview Interactive Lesson
15 min, Lesson is best viewed in browsers other than Safari
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Coaching Practice Profile
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Coaching Behavior Interactive Lesson
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Continuum of Coaching Supports Interactive Lesson
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Drivers Ed

This short series of lessons provides a quick booster on each individual Implementation Driver, then an opportunity to practice and apply the driver concepts.

View Streaming Lesson (18 min)
Activity 7.1: Designing a Fidelity Assessment
Activity 7.2: Module 7 Capstone: Developing a Fidelity Assessment

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Decision Support Data Systems
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Download Coaching System Development Worksheet
Download Coaching Service Delivery Plan Template
Activity 2.1c: Coaching for all?

Interactive Lesson 1
The Hexagon Tool

Through this interactive lesson on the Hexagon tool and companion resources, you will learn how to identify the need for your organization as well as the root cause of that need, identify potential options and their relevant information, evaluate fit and feasibility of the options, and finally to use the information gathered during the hexagon process to inform your implementation planning.

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Download Hexagon Tool

Download Initiative Inventory

Download Root Cause Analysis Handout

Download Engaging Stakeholders

Download Program Developer Interview Guide

Lesson 2
Usable Innovations

Estimated time:

11 min, 25 sec

After this lesson you will be able to: identify four criteria that distinguish a usable innovation, identify the implementation stage at which the fit of innovation is assessed and select and employ appropriate tools and processes for assessing the fit of an innovation.

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Lesson 3
Practice Profiles

Estimated time:

19 min, 26 sec

Practice profiles enable a program to be teachable, learnable, and doable in typical human service settings. This two-part lesson on Developing Practice Profiles we offer an overview of practice profiles, including their purpose, benefits, and criteria. In part two, we jump into making practice profiles happen. We outline the development process, as well as steps in facilitating their design with your team.

View Streaming Lesson Part 1 (11 min, 26 sec)

View Streaming Lesson Part 2 (8 min)

Download White Paper

Download Practice Profile Planning Tool

Download Handout 02: Practice Profile Examples

Lesson 4
Creating a Training Plan

Estimated time:

14 min

This lesson provides a quick overview of the Training Plan Template, a planning tool designed to help guide your Team’s planning process in developing a training program. This tool can be used to guide discussions around rationale, core components, knowledge, skills, outcomes and assessment.

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Download Training Plan Template

Lesson 5
Coaching System Development Worksheet

Estimated time:

13 min

This lesson provides a quick overview of the Coaching System Development Worksheet along with research and rationales supporting the use of coaching to build your implementation capacity. The Coaching System Development Worksheet can be used to initiate those early discussions about the importance of coaching and the facilitative supports administrators need to consider to ensure a systemic commitment to coaching.

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Download Coaching System Development Worksheet

Interactive Lesson 6
The PDSA Cycle

This interactive lesson describes how to employ and document the key components in each Plan-Do-Study- Act (PDSA) Cycle phase and identify the importance of utilizing iterative PDSA cycles. After the lesson, you should be able to apply a PDSA cycle to successfully engage in problem solving as a Team.

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Download PDSA Planning Template

Download Activity

Interactive Lesson 7
Implementation Stages Planning Tool

This interactive lesson describes the key functions of the Stages of Implementation Analysis planning tool and high level activities related to the stages of implementation.  After the lesson, you should be able to use the tool to evaluate your stage-based work and create a stage-based action plan using data gathered from the tool.

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Download Planning Tool

Lesson 8
Coaching Service Delivery Plan

Estimated time:

12 min

Most skills needed by successful instructional staff can be introduced in training but really are learned on the job with the help of coaching.  Coaching not only expands the knowledge and skills taught in training, but also builds competence and confidence in delivering the innovation.

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Download Coaching Service Delivery Plan Template

Lesson 9
Communications Protocol - Linking Teams

Estimated time:

9 min, 21 sec

To be effective, useful to the work of the organization and include all appropriate levels, communication must be strategically planned and consciously monitored. This lesson introduces you to a tool for creating a strategic plan for communication in your organization.

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Interactive Lesson 10
Initiative Inventory

The Initiative Inventory can be used to guide your team’s review of past and current programs to get a clear picture of successful strategies, and challenges, along with existing mandates and resource commitments. This brief lesson supports your learning about how to collect and analyze data for the initiative inventory and use the results to inform selection, de-selection, and alignment decisions for practices or programs.

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