Allison Metz and Melissa Van Dyke Appointed NIRN Co-Directors

Allison Metz Melissa van DykeFPG Senior Scientists Karen Blase and Dean Fixsen would like to announce the appointment of Allison Metz and Melissa Van Dyke as Co-Directors of the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) effective June 1, 2013. Allison and Melissa will join Karen and Dean as Co-Directors of the NIRN, whose mission is to contribute to the science and best practices related to implementation, organizational change, and systems reinvention to improve outcomes across a broad spectrum of human services. Allison and Melissa will assume responsibility for the expansion of the work of the NIRN while Karen and Dean move to emeritus status over the next few years.

NIRN will be in excellent hands. Melissa is one of the original members of the NIRN, and Allison joined the NIRN in 2009. Allison has worked to develop effective interventions for children and families and has built the capacity of state and local implementation teams to achieve sustainable program success. Allison has served as principal investigator on several initiatives in child welfare and early childhood and recently completed a five-year project on improving child wellbeing for children engaged in the child welfare system. Allison is actively engaged in the Global Implementation Initiative working with colleagues to improve outcomes for children and families globally through the effective implementation of evidence-based programs and practices. Allison is a co-editor of the new book Applying Implementation Science in Early Childhood Programs and Systems. Melissa has been a leader of organization and system change efforts in human services for many of years and has provided leadership to projects in education, child welfare, children’s mental health, and early childhood to develop implementation capacity. Currently, Melissa is working with North Carolina’s Early Learning Challenge grant, leading the state’s work in a multi-county Transformation Zone. This initiative is designed to build state and local implementation capacity and to inform state agency leaders and policy makers of the critical policy and programmatic supports needed to improve outcomes for children and families in under-resourced counties. Melissa’s on-line seminar introducing people to implementation science is the most downloaded resource on the Global Implementation Initiative website.

Please join us in congratulating Allison and Melissa on their new positions.